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VIDA includes services for both Spanish and English-speaking individuals and strives to provide support for the Latin@ community.


On-Site Interpreting

Communicate through face-to-face meetings and conversations with the help of an interpreter. Schedule a time and location for on-site interpreting.


Written Translations

Receive professional translations of your medical, personal, or other written documents or records. Your information always remains confidential.


Immigration Assistance

Welcome! We can assist you with forms, phone calls, and help you access resources and navigate systems.

Advocacy, Consultation & Support

We are here to serve you in any needs related to advocating for our community members for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion; as well as to provide consultation related to language access and support in all areas that would benefit our Spanish-speaking communities.

VIDA will respond to your request form via email as soon as possible to confirm details.

Sending a request form does not guarantee service.

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